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Moving & Storage Services 

storageStorage services become most useful when you are in the early stages of looking and deciding on the right place to move with your family. Maybe you need some more time to find that right place or maybe you want to go down and take look at a few places in person. In the process of moving maybe you have not been able to find a place where you have relocated suitable to your present home where you can arrange some of your household goods need that extra space. Sometimes you do not want to carry all your belongings to the new location and will wish to leave some of the belongings at a safe and secure place as you are likely to find little use for them.

MapMyMove’s fully integrated storage network can provide you the facility to house and store your goods at a small monthly rate until you’re ready for them to be delivered to the location of your choice. We can assure you that all your household furniture, appliances, fixtures, and cartons will be stored safely till you want them to be moved. Whether you want them to be protected from extreme climate and kept enclosed which can provide climate controlled environment, or secure from chipping and/or theft.

MapMyMove guarantee’s that all your items will remain fully protected with quilted storage pads,and fully cataloged with bar-codes and colored stickers to be 100% intact for when you choose to have them redelivered at your discretion.

MapMyMove can and will provide you with state of the art storage facilities within our network of affiliates to keep your belongings secure and safe for a reasonably low monthly fee. We offer temporary or long-term storage of home and/or office furniture/equipment. The storage services company provides several options of storage facilities for you to choose at convenience. The rates of the fee charged for the storage depend upon your shipment size.

Over 5 million square feet of state of the art facilities located across the United States providing our clients with a clean, secure, and climate controlled storage solution to more than 50,000 customers annually.

We have convenient storage locations throughout the entire Continental United States.

A variety of features and solutions:

  • Mini-Storage
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Document Storage
  • Wine Storage
  • Art Storage
  • Secure, clean, well-lit, temperature controlled facilities
  • Free on-site parking

MapMyMove is a fully insured, licensed, and bonded company.

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